History of France in English's Podcast

The History of France in English is a weekly podcast. Oddly enough, it's about the history of France and in the English language. Every week there is a larger piece on the history of France and a shorter, cocktail party slapdown that offers a bit of history that runs counter to the usual stereotyping of character the world attributes to this great country.

The Podcasts

Episode 38 is an overview of Gaul as the Gauls were before and after Roman rule. We look at how they dressed and looked, their art and culture and the impact of Rome on the Gauls and on the Romans as a result of the Gauls.

And of course, we have a Cocktail Party Slapdown with a shoutout to Zack Twalmey because hey, we're covering a battle from the 30 Years War. The Battle of Lens was the last major battle in the war. France won, of course.

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History of France in English Episode #37

This week we sort of recap how we got to the point we're at and set the scene for what is left of Gaul and who lives there and what's going to happen next. We also have shout outs and Cocktail Party Slapdown.

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History of France in English Episode #36

This week we take a break from the chronological history of France and take a look at the famous Gaul Claudius. Yeah, that Claudius. We also have a Cocktail Party Slapdown with the Battle of Patay of the Hundred Years War.

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The History of France in English Episode 35

This week we wrap up the war in Gaul between the Romans and the Gauls and Caesar and Vercingetorix... sadly. The Battle of Alesia puts an end to the Gallic hopes for freedom, but it does mean better trade relations! Also we look at a sad story that spells the end of a village during the Second World War.

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