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The History of France in English is a weekly podcast. Oddly enough, it's about the history of France and in the English language. Every week there is a larger piece on the history of France and a shorter, cocktail party slapdown that offers a bit of history that runs counter to the usual stereotyping of character the world attributes to this great country.

The Podcasts

The week is part one of the history of French Cuisine. Who eats with their fingers and who uses a fork. The greasy answer is inside this week's episode and more!

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We break away from Hannibal's fight alongside the Gauls against the Romans to see how the Gauls are doing on their own against their nemesis. Hey, they're doing pretty well. And in Cocktail Party Slapdown, The Sow offers some sage advice to the King of France prior to the Battle of Bouvines in the 13th Century.

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This week's History of France in English we look at the massive destruction of the Roman army at Cannae and the role the Gauls played in it. We also look at how they got there and why they were so angry when they did.

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The Gauls and Hannibal's Carthaginians outfox the Romans again with the biggest ambush in history, which is good because the locals are getting tired of the big hungry army hanging around.

In Cocktail Party Slapdown, Montcalm's 3,000 French and French Canadians smash a British-American colonial assault force of 18,000 men in the battle of Carillon during the Seven Years War.

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