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The History of France in English is a weekly podcast. Oddly enough, it's about the history of France and in the English language. Every week there is a larger piece on the history of France and a shorter, cocktail party slapdown that offers a bit of history that runs counter to the usual stereotyping of character the world attributes to this great country.

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The Gauls and Carthaginians are still showing no love for the Romans as they get down to business on the banks of the Trebia River. In Cocktail Party Slapdown we salute the French Fighter pilots who volunteered to battle Nazis on the Eastern Front. And we thank a fellow Canuck for some kind words at iTunes!

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This week in the History of France in English, Hannibal and the Gauls are getting together to open a can of whupass on the Romans in Northern Italy. We also have a Cocktail Party Slapdown and check out Napolean as he bursts on the scene showing off his party dress and getting all fancy with math and stuff like he was Barbie... um. Yeah. He's at the siege of Toulon and he's working on the side of the Revolution, as opposed to the Rebellion.

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This week we see how important the Gauls are to Hannibal and why as he moves through the Alps and into Italy, where he will see his greatest victories. Also we hear how the French dealt the first successful attack against the German blitz in 1940. Don't forget to rate us on iTunes or historylayb.ca/podcasts to be entered in a draw for a tee shirt or a labcoat.

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This week's History of France in English is a great example of just how complicated history can be. We have Romans asking Gauls for help while beating down on them in Italy. We have some Gauls helping Rome hold off Rome's greatest enemy while other Gauls are helping beat Rome. We have a Cocktail Party Slapdown with religious wars that sort of go beyond the bounds of religion and help forge a stronger nation. And we find out what those pointy sticks poking out of the water in a illustration on the History of Europe Facebook page. See here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=214831151996297&set=a.194279187384827.64990.178158845663528&type=1&theater&notif_t=photo_comment

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