History of France in English's Podcast : History of France in English Podcast Episode 23

The History of France in English is a weekly podcast. Oddly enough, it's about the history of France and in the English language. Every week there is a larger piece on the history of France and a shorter, cocktail party slapdown that offers a bit of history that runs counter to the usual stereotyping of character the world attributes to this great country.

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A recent find that matches up nicely with last week's podcast on the princess of Vix tomb is examined as we see warrior graves and the graves of women from the second iron age found south east of Paris, about 100 kilometres. We also add a new segment this week and look at the first of the French river systems, the Seine. And we wrap things up with the Cocktail Party Slapdown, but all of this is preceded by some shoutouts and thank yous to you, the listeners!

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  • FYI this episode is still in .wav (who uses .wav these days?) format and plays havoc with "podcasts' app on iOS devices. Thought you should know. BTW as you seems to prefer the archaic Imperial measures (perhaps that's the Sun Media influence on you), you should at least specify US or Imp gallons when referencing liquid measures. Such differences are substantial. Better still, you should play homage to French science and innovation and use exclusively metric measures such as litres and kilometres (rhymes with pillow-feeters not speedometer or odometer - one is a unit of measure, the others are devices of measurement).

    posted by: Curtis on 2013-05-29 18:30:44

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